About Us

We have over 15 years of experience at running targeted digital ad campaigns. We have engineered our expertise and delivered it to you to design, target, and launch a digital ad campaign in minutes.

At My Digital Advertising our goal is to make every client feel like our only client. After spending many years wondering why marketing had to cost so much money, we started looking for a cost-effective way for people to get their message out more efficiently and for less money. My Digital Advertising is about giving the power of advertising back to the client. We stress the word “MY” because the advertising our clients are doing is personal, and we want to make sure we can provide every client with that feeling of personalization.

Our Company Goals

  1. Create an open and creative environment for our employees. MDA workplace environment is very important. We want it to be a great place to come and work. This benefits everyone of our dedicated employees, and our clients.
  2. Make advertising cost efficient for everyone
  3. Accountability to our clients, and all we do
  4. Transparency with all our clients. We feel the more data the better decision. MDA will give you the raw data and work with you to best utilize and place your advertising.
  5. Be Creative, not just with design, but with research and development
  6. Empowering both employees, and clients to make the best decisions to get the best results.