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Geographic Targeting

Geographic targeting is the practice of picking a location, ie address, zip code, city, state to serve your ads within.

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Behavioral Targeting

Behavioral Targeting is searching out the people that are actively searching for residential real estate and putting your ads directly in front of them.

My Digital Advertising already has a behavioral targeting structure for your campaign, but we wanted to know if there was anything else.

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Is there anything out of the ordinary that you would like to target within your campaign?

Examples would be

  • Local real estate magazine or newspaper
  • Parade of homes site, and dates
  • Popular mortgage term or site


This online advertising method is serving ads to people that have visited your website. When someone visits your website then navigates away without preforming a desired action (filling out a form or make a purchase) your ads will be shown to them once they leave and travel to different websites on the internet. If you choose to utilize remarketing within your strategy a MDA representative will contact you to get it started. (Remarketing is a stand-alone product and not included within this campaign. By clicking yes below you are requesting to be contacted by an MDA representative about Remarketing and how to get it started.)

Would you like to take advantage of Remarketing ?

Choosing remarketing is a great way to stay top of mind to potential customers that have already shown interest in you.

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