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Game-Changer for Digital Ads is GeoTargeting

Choose when and where you advertise! You don’t get locked out with My Digital Advertising! New clients sometimes ask us whether digital marketing for real estate agents is really worth all the hype and excitement. After all, don’t the old ways of drumming up business work just fine? The answer to that question probably depends […]

Remarketing for Realtors

What You Need to Know About Retargeting for Real Estate Advertising At My Digital Advertising we give our clients access to real estate ad options they might not have the time or expertise to pursue on their own. Part of that process is helping them to understand how these tools work and why they are […]

Behavioral Targeting being a cornerstone of Digital Advertising for Realtors

The Essential part of your marketing strategy is Behavioral Targeting If you handle digital marketing as a real estate agent you might be wondering whether it’s really the best use of your budget. While the challenges of reaching customers through Google, Facebook, and other high-traffic websites might be new, this sentiment isn’t. In fact, there […]

Targeting Prospects Online

3 Important Ways Realtors Should Target Prospects Online As any experienced realtor could tell you, finding new clients is often the hardest part of the business. At any given moment, only a small percentage of people are actually looking to buy or sell a property. And, not every person who has a home (or wants […]

Making Internet Advertising Cheaper

How Realtors Can Make Internet Advertising Cheaper Most of the realtors who approach us about internet advertising are at least a little bit skeptical. They have a sincere desire to put the power of targeted digital ads to use and find more clients, but at the same time they worry the costs will spiral out […]

Misconceptions about Internet Advertising

5 Misconceptions Realtors Have About Internet Advertising Occasionally, I have the chance to speak with realtors who understand they are missing out on leads and opportunities by sticking with mailers and other conventional advertising campaigns instead of using the internet. When I asked them why – pointing out that online ads are more efficient and […]

Swapping Mailers for Internet Ads

    Are Your Realtor Marketing Campaigns Reaching Active Buyers and Sellers? If you look at the way most realtors go about finding clients, it essentially comes down to random luck. They hand out business cards, plaster up their picture, or send postcards to thousands of individuals in a neighborhood hoping they’ll find the right […]

Targeted Digital Ad vs. Mailers

Why Smart Realtors are Swapping Mailers for Internet Ads When it comes to finding clients as a realtor, you essentially have two options. The first is to do things the way they’ve always been done, sending out postcards and mailers, knocking on doors, and plastering your face on park benches. The second is to realize […]