Game-Changer for Digital Ads is GeoTargeting

Choose when and where you advertise! You don’t get locked out with My Digital Advertising!

New clients sometimes ask us whether digital marketing for real estate agents is really worth all the hype and excitement. After all, don’t the old ways of drumming up business work just fine?

The answer to that question probably depends a lot on your perspective, not to mention your willingness to waste money.

Even a great realtor can only cover so much ground (either literally or figuratively). That’s why it can be so difficult to spend your marketing dollars efficiently when working from mailers, benches, and billboards. You’re going to get plenty of exposure, but many of the people who see your advertising won’t live in the areas you are targeting. That means you are spending significant amounts of money on promotions that couldn’t ever pan out.

You can use modern real estate internet advertising tools to get around this problem. Even better, you can do so for just a few dollars a day.

The Power of Geotargeting for Realtor Internet Marketing

Our proprietary real estate digital advertising platform makes it possible for realtors and agencies to match up their listings with local buyers and sellers. We give our clients the power to narrow in on specific streets, ZIP Codes, and neighborhoods so their ads aren’t displayed when they aren’t relevant.

That means the ability to get more leads while spending fewer dollars. It also means the realtors who work with us save time because they aren’t fielding inquiries from people who live (or are looking) in areas that the agency or office doesn’t serve.

That gives the professionals who use our service for online advertising for realtors a huge advantage over their colleagues who are still relying solely on old-school tactics. They can get more exposure, spend less money, and devote their time to working with real prospects instead of chasing after people who don’t want to buy or sell a home.

Getting the Most from Geotargeted Online Marketing for Realtors

Narrowing the scope of your digital advertising campaigns by location would be a powerful enough feature in its own right, but smart realtors and agency owners can go even further. That’s because you can combine geotargeting with behavioral targeting, as well as search and social activity, to find the exact type of real estate client you’re looking for. With our groundbreaking platform, you can even check real-time analytics reports to shape your campaigns and maximize your return on investment.

These tools have been around for a few years, but taking advantage of them meant learning several different websites, software packages, and account configurations inside and out. Conversely, you could get access to them by working with a high-priced real estate digital advertising agency.

What makes My Digital Advertising so special is that we’ve distilled the best of these different systems into one simple solution. The new client can log in, set up an account, and take advantage of powerful real estate web marketing tools in minutes. And, they can do it all without learning anything about programming. We’ve made it easy and affordable without taking away your ability to customize your ads and control your accounts.