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What You Need to Know About Retargeting for Real Estate Advertising

At My Digital Advertising we give our clients access to real estate ad options they might not have the time or expertise to pursue on their own. Part of that process is helping them to understand how these tools work and why they are so valuable.

For instance, if you weren’t already familiar with retargeting you might not know why it’s such an effective way to advertise property and reach out to clients. So in this brief post, we want to give you a sense of what it is, how it works, and why it can be so important to your business or agency.

Let’s dig into the details of retargeting for real estate agent advertising…

How Retargeting Ads Work

In a standard internet advertising campaign, a realtor would place an ad (perhaps for their business or a specific listing) that entices potential clients to click. However, if that person doesn’t take action right away the opportunity is gone, along with the money the advertiser spent.

Retargeting lets you follow up with prospects by having them see your ads again multiple times as they continue researching online. That means you have more chances to advertise real estate and a much higher probability of a successful outcome.

What Makes Retargeting Effective for Real Estate Advertising?

Retargeting can be a powerful tool in virtually any business, but it’s especially potent for realtor advertising. That’s because people who are buying and selling homes often research in stages. They don’t always make fast decisions or commitments.

By giving them multiple chances to see your messaging after they have initially visited your website, you can draw them in with subsequent offers or information. Whether you’re advertising properties or just promoting your expertise, it may take several exposures before they decide to work with you instead of a colleague or competitor. In other words, retargeting lets you be in the right place at the right time while allowing prospects to follow an information-gathering process that feels natural to them.

How Can You Deploy Strong Retargeting Ads?

The problem with using retargeting for real estate agent ads, of course, is that it used to be technical and time-consuming. Additionally, if you didn’t have a certain familiarity level with the relevant tools and account settings you could easily find yourself spending much more money than you anticipated.

Our proprietary platform takes these concerns away. That’s because we’ve developed a system that allows anyone advertising real estate to get up-and-running quickly – without any technical skill or unnecessary fine print. You just tell us what you want to spend, who you want to market to, and how you want your ads to look. We’ll take care of the rest!

Ready to Take the Next Step?

The best thing about My Digital Advertising is that any realtor can log in, create an account, and start receiving the benefits of an affordable and targeted digital strategy within minutes. If you’re ready to see how you can meet dozens of new clients for just a few dollars a day.