Behavioral Targeting being a cornerstone of Digital Advertising for Realtors

The Essential part of your marketing strategy is Behavioral Targeting

If you handle digital marketing as a real estate agent you might be wondering whether it’s really the best use of your budget. While the challenges of reaching customers through Google, Facebook, and other high-traffic websites might be new, this sentiment isn’t.

In fact, there is an old joke that starts with two business owners talking. The first one says to the second: “Half of the money I spend on advertising is wasted.”

Upon hearing this, his friend replies: “Then why don’t you stop paying for it?”

The first business owner answers: “Because I don’t know which half.”

Beneath the humor there is an unfortunate truth – most agents are aware that the money they spend on real estate internet advertising isn’t being targeted as carefully as it could be. In fact, millions are wasted every year when expensive ads are shown to people who have no interest in buying or selling a home.

Luckily, there is a way you can get around this problem. You just have to understand behavioral targeting and put it to use.

Why Behavioral Marketing Changes Internet Advertising for Real Estate

Most real estate internet advertising plans start with Google or Facebook. That means identifying potential home buyers or sellers based on the keywords they are searching or demographic information they have shared.

Those are valuable starting points, but what if you could find people who had just been searching for homes on a site like, or checking out the latest mortgage rates? Wouldn’t that be just as valuable… or even more so?

That’s the beauty of behavioral targeting in a nutshell. It lets anyone managing online advertising for realtors to take their campaigns to the next level. And, it makes it possible to focus your time and budget on the prospects who are most likely to do business with you right away.

Adding Precision and Flexibility to Online Marketing for Realtors

One of the greatest things about behavioral targeting is that you can choose the factors that matter most to you. You can zero in on potential clients based on the websites they have visited or actions they have performed while at the same time narrowing your search even further. For instance, you might choose to run ads only when a target has been to recently, or has checked out listings within a given ZIP Code.

All of this used to be possible only for enormous companies with huge budgets. Now, these features are available for anyone interested in internet advertising for real estate, even if they only want to spend a few dollars per day. And, they can use simple and interactive tools to make campaigns more efficient and profitable over time. That’s the whole point of our proprietary My Digital Advertising platform.

Start Placing Smarter Real Estate Online Ads Today

It’s never been so easy to start using tools like behavioral marketing within fully-customizable real estate internet marketing campaigns. If you’re interested in seeing what it would mean for your business to be able to zero in on your best prospects at exactly the right time, click here now to get started with My Digital Advertising.