Targeting Prospects Online

3 Important Ways Realtors Should Target Prospects Online

As any experienced realtor could tell you, finding new clients is often the hardest part of the business.

At any given moment, only a small percentage of people are actually looking to buy or sell a property. And, not every person who has a home (or wants one) is a good match for you as a realtor. That’s why traditional, old-school marketing techniques like mailers and bench advertising are showing declining returns. Most of the people you contact, or who see your picture, just aren’t going to be interested.

With digital advertising, you can put the odds back in your favor. However, it’s not enough to simply show your ads all over the web. Doing so would be wasteful and annoying. Instead, smart realtors focus in on their ideal prospects based on three distinct criteria. Let’s take a look at each one…

#1 Location

How far from your home or office is too far for new clientele? While it’s hard to control the reach of print advertising and other forms of traditional media, you can easily target certain zip codes or neighborhoods with online ads.

Narrowing your marketing down by location doesn’t just make things more convenient for you; it’s also smart advertising. Most buyers and sellers want to work with a realtor who is close to home, so you’ll get higher response rates to your ads when you take geography into account.

#2 Behavior

Savvy realtors will use our internet advertising platform to reach prospects who have recently searched real estate listings online or tracked current mortgage rates. That way, they can find potential clients who are serious about taking the next step and working with a professional.

There are several ways to segment prospects by behavior over the web, and all of them help you to find better clients for less time and money. Why spend your ad budget targeting groups of people who aren’t thinking about real estate when you could find the handful who need your services today?

#3 Destination

If you already know what kinds of websites your best clients tend to visit, why not have your ads show up on those pages? Using our system, you can select the destinations where your ads will be displayed. This gives you even more flexibility, and ensures your face won’t be shown next to content that doesn’t line up with your brand or value.

Which would you prefer: having your customized ads appear on sites like ESPN, Facebook, and MSNBC, or plastering your photo on benches and local penny saver publications? Which do you think is better for your credibility as a realtor?

Is Your Realtor Advertising Targeted Enough?

If you’ve been promoting your realty business online or off without taking these three criteria into account, it’s time to consider a smarter way to do business. Check out the My Digital Advertising online demo now to see how easy it is to find the clients you really need. It only takes a moment to get started, and you might be able to locate the buyers you been looking for while saving a lot of money in your marketing budget!