Misconceptions about Internet Advertising

5 Misconceptions Realtors Have About Internet Advertising

Occasionally, I have the chance to speak with realtors who understand they are missing out on leads and opportunities by sticking with mailers and other conventional advertising campaigns instead of using the internet. When I asked them why – pointing out that online ads are more efficient and flexible – I usually find it’s because they are holding onto some mistaken ideas.

In other words, thousands upon thousands of realtors around the country are losing ground to their competitors because many of the things they “know” aren’t actually true.

To give you a sense of the kinds of errors I’m referring to, and to keep you from making the same mistakes in your own business, let’s look at five mistaken ideas realtors often hold onto when it comes to internet advertising…

#1 Internet Advertising is Too Expensive for Realtors

Everybody knows digital advertising is a great way to find new clients. But to really get it right, the way big companies do, would take a huge monthly budget… wouldn’t it? In reality, you can market yourself, or the properties you are listing, for as little as a few dollars per day.

#2 Nobody Pays Attention to Online Ads

While it’s true that the internet has become a crowded advertising space, people still pay attention to the messages that interest them. Using advanced targeting techniques, we can help you find prospects in your neighborhood who are currently looking to buy or sell a property. That’s a great way to ensure your ads get noticed.

#3 Digital Advertising ROI is Hard to Measure

We make it easy for our customers to evaluate the results from every ad and campaign they run. That way, they can ensure they are making the most of every dollar they put in their marketing budget. We’ll give you all the tools you need to measure and maximize the ROI from your digital advertising efforts.

#4 Online Ads Can Show up Anywhere

Worried about having your ads run on a website that isn’t a good match for your business or values? In addition to providing you with an affordable way to reach customers through well-known sites like CNN and ESPN, our platform lets you specify parts of the internet where you would rather not have your branding displayed.

#5 It Takes Too Much Time to Learn Internet Advertising

In the past, it could take a realtor weeks and weeks just to learn the basics of the various internet advertising solutions offered through Google, Facebook, and other major websites. Then, they would have to spend hours each day managing them. With our intuitive interface, though, you can have your ads up-and-running within minutes, and manage them from one simple account dashboard.

It’s Time to Get Smarter as a Marketer

If you’ve been holding on to one or more of these ideas, and letting it prevent you from finding new clients in a fast, efficient, and cost-effective way, it’s time to turn things around. Check out the quick My Digital Advertising demoto see how you can set up your own campaigns in minutes and put the power of the internet to work in your business for just a few dollars a day!

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