Targeted Digital Ad vs. Mailers

Why Smart Realtors are Swapping Mailers for Internet Ads

When it comes to finding clients as a realtor, you essentially have two options. The first is to do things the way they’ve always been done, sending out postcards and mailers, knocking on doors, and plastering your face on park benches. The second is to realize that times have changed, and that there are opportunities to find clients that are more in line with our modern information-driven world.

Consider this: homebuyers have completely changed the way they search for properties and realtors in the digital age. Why would a smart realtor still try to reach clients using the same tactics they relied on half a century ago? It just doesn’t make sense? Particularly when you consider the many advantages internet advertising has over traditional mailers.

To give you a quick sense of what these advantages are, and why they’re so important, let’s look at a few things you get from online ads…

Online Ads Can be Carefully Targeted

When you send out a large mailing, you’re simply hoping that some minuscule percentage of recipients will have an interest in buying or selling a home and not already know a realtor they like. Wouldn’t it be smarter to narrow your customers by income, zip code, or the fact that they’ve visited a website like With online ads, a realtor can focus in on his or her ideal clients without wasting time or money on everyone else.

You Can be More Flexible With Internet Ads

Once you schedule a mailing promotion you lose the ability to change your message until the next campaign begins. That means your budget can be wasted if the market changes, you take on different listings, or if your promotion just isn’t that effective. With internet advertising, realtors can change the ads that are being displayed in real-time, giving them the flexibility to use the listings, photos, and offers that are most effective.

Internet Advertising is More Efficient

All the waste that comes with a printed mailing campaign pushes your expenses up while keeping responses down. It’s not unusual for a single mailing to 1,000 recipients to cost $700 or more. That’s a lot of money when you consider most of the addressees won’t even stop to look at it. With digital advertising, realtors can spend a few dollars a day targeting likely buyers. That’s a lot more efficient, and better for the bottom line.

Real Estate Clients Prefer Digital Ads

In addition to the reasons realtors are learning to love internet advertising, it’s worth pointing out that clients prefer them, too. For one thing, online ads are convenient because they pop up when buyers and sellers are actively looking for help with real estate. They also reduce waste, making them more environmentally friendly. And finally, most real estate clients would rather meet a realtor who is being promoted on well-known websites than they would one who is mailing thousands of people indiscriminately.

Ready to Try a Smarter Way to Find Real Estate Clients?

I can understand the appeal of sticking with mailers and bench ads to promote yourself as a realtor. It’s always easier to stick with what you’ve done before, or seen others have moderate success with in the past than it is to go in your own direction. However, given the clear advantages you get from finding customers online, why would you shortchange yourself by sticking with outdated tactics?

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